Distributed Computing Future — Is Ipfs.IO the Future of Cloud Backend?

2020-07-08 02:52:00

IPFS is cutting-edge technology in decentralized storage network, ensuring the emission of the file as well as guaranteeing its availability

Author: Thomas Jardinet 

This article was first published at https://dzone.com/articles/distributed-computing-future-is-ipfsio-the-future


I think that the future of the cloud, but also our computer architectures, was, at the decentralized level, at the level of our personal computers, because our PCs are underutilized in my eyes. And it was by chance that I discovered ipfs.io.

Ipfs.io is a distributed file system, which allows dropping files that can be retrieved with a simple URL. This may sound pretty basic as a usage, but it is part of a widely supported software ecosystem. Ipfs.io can be seen as a kind of distributed wetransfer, which is a bit, with the difference that the file is duplicated on a whole set of computers. So it requires recovering fragments of the file. For me, it took me 7 MB, which is quite reasonable.

Even if the files you send are scattered in small pieces at each peer, there is no real security because the files are downloaded via a simple URL. Of course, nothing prevents you from uploading password-protected files.

However, Ipfs.io's earnings go beyond all that. Indeed you can:

·       Guarantee the ad-Vitam eternam conservation of your files (you can also delete them if you want)

·       Manage the versioning of your files

·       Ensure that your files are not lost

·       Saves you bandwidth (Project estimates 60% bandwidth saved for video)

·       Incidentally can allow you to escape censorship, as no one can delete your files.

·       And even switch your website to Ipfs.io, allowing you to display sites from your... own hard drive! Just have a look into the URL in my web browser :) And yes I had typing the original URL of this web site, not localhost!

An not to mention it is, therefore, a good tool to ensure the emission of files for all while guaranteeing its availability.

Let me point out that behind IPFS.IO, you have multiformats.io which is the basis of this project, and that the Libra project of Facebook uses the same technical basis. So the project is not yet another day-dreamer project!

A relatively simple tool is available to manage its file shares, but also a whole bunch of libraries. And so it goes beyond file sharing, with sites that use this technology, like PeerPad for editing files, OrbitChat for chatting and others. So it appears that Ipfs.io can be used for the backend of an application.

And so we keep dreaming of a distributed cloud, where the storage is deported to the user workstations. Remember that the network consumes little energy compared to a datacenter, and that the air conditioning in your favorite datacenter is less consuming than your home air conditioning. 

Add WebAssembly to your architecture, which allows you to move the executable behind your browser, and we're starting to get a few bricks to have a decentralized and more energy-efficient web. We may have here the real future of the web!