2021-02-13 09:54:59

A series of interactive Filecoin and Web3 tutorials and resources designed for all levels

Protoschool Tutorial: Verifying Storage on Filecoin | ProtoSchool's self-guided interactive tutorials are designed to introduce you to decentralized web concepts, protocols, and tools. All tutorials within this course offer a code-free experience with text-based lessons and multiple-choice quizzes.  Learn how Filecoin's built-in verification methods make it possible to trust peers in an incentivized, decentralized file storage system.

Protoschool Tutorial: Content Addressing on the Decentralized Web | Learn how hashing and content addressing enables verifiable data sharing with peers on the decentralized web.


Building Tutorial: Getting started with Filecoin | For any beginner or intermediate developers looking to learn how to build on Filecoin, look no further! Learn how to build with Filecoin using Textiles Powergate in this step-by-step video tutorial.