10 IPFS & Filecoin Based Apps to Get You Through This Holiday

2020-12-25 06:27:31

From gift exchanges and matching outfits to easy eats and distanced hangouts, there's nothing like harnessing the power of peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol to help unite you with your friends and family — whether they’re five minutes down the road or fiv


After a year unlike any other, it’s time to leave the worries behind and keep our hearts full and spirits up with the warmth and comfort of friends and loved ones. Luckily, a video call is not the only option when it comes to maintaining meaningful connections this holiday. From gift exchanges and matching outfits to easy eats and distanced hangouts, there's nothing like harnessing the power of peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol to help unite you with your friends and family — whether they’re five minutes down the road or five states away. Below, we’ve rounded up 10 IPFS and Filecoin based apps and tools to help you embrace the holiday season and get your new year off to a bright start! 

1.) Slate

There's no denying that the holidays bring out the hungriest in all of us, but luckily, Slate’s got us covered! Built on top of IPFS, Filecoin, and Textile services, Slate’s file-sharing network demonstrates the capabilities of the new modern web infrastructure and makes it easy to collect, organize, and share media together. From images, audio, video, and data, Slate can do it all! Host a holiday family recipe swap through Slate’s easily customizable and collaborative platform so that even miles apart, mom’s stuffing can still taste just as good in your kitchen. If cooking’s not your thing, plan an evening of virtual family bonding by creating and annotating a digital collage or moodboard of this holiday season’s top highlights for a fun night of digital arts and crafts! 

2.) Textile Photos

The holidays are the perfect time to comb through old memories and form new ones. Stroll down memory lane from different perspectives by sharing your special festive moments through Textile’s easy-to-use app so that you can view the events of this holiday through the eyes of your loved ones. Whether it’s a gingerbread house with graham crackers or a silly group photo, make sure to capture your masterpiece and store this precious memory within your digital wallet so that this holiday joy can last. 

3.) Pathephone

With the collaborative and limitless potential of Pathephone, you can turn up the festivities with a shared playlist of tunes that everyone can DJ and curate--social distancing or not! Celebrate in style by turning up the music and throwing an impromptu dance party. For some extra holiday magic, brighten the mood with some timeless Christmas classics that everyone can sing along to.

4.) Decentraland

From a weekend in the casinos to an afternoon in space world, embark on your winter adventure or tropical island getaway through the virtual, imaginative oasis that is Decentraland. Tap into your competitive streak for a virtual, night of fun, and meet up with friends and family to see who can build, buy, and sell the most land. Make sure to take advantage of the timeless holiday spirit ofDecentraland and celebrate with quests, presents from their beloved virtual Santa, and the joy of snowballs and snowmen! 

5.) Reading.Supply

If you’re looking for some last-minute journaling to prepare you for the upcoming year, cozy up with Reading Supply to jot down some New Year's resolutions for 2021 or to send some personal digital letters to your loved ones. While you may not be able to pass the potatoes in person, you can certainly share what you’re grateful for, swap stories, and savor those few moments of personal one-on-one virtual time. Revel in the gift of family and the warmth of friends by sending love, thanks, and new year wishes with personalized Reading Supply entries, which can be shared directly to your desired recipient! Tweet @readingsupply now to request an access key and create your account! 

6.) Swether.io

Although Swether isn’t built on IPFS, we simply couldn’t resist including this playful, crypto project in our top 10 holiday roundup!  Have some fun and coordinate a festive dress code this winter season by customizing and minting your very own digital Swether--perfect for any white elephant or secret santa gift exchange! With loads of designs and personalizable features, get ready to have your creative juices flowing with Swether’s countless canvas and symbol options.  Afterward, make sure to cozy up in your crypto holiday gear by bringing your festivities outside and relishing in the warmth of your outdoor fire pit to roast marshmallows. 

7.) R.A.R.E Art

For the artsy poetic folks who are looking forward to expanding their artistic horizons this holiday season, look no further! Deck the halls with a virtual exploration of R.A.R.E, a one-of-a-kind, digital art museum. Discover and browse R.A.R.E’s collection of authentic, limited-edition digital art to bring refinement and elegance back to the table, all-the-while treating yourself to the luxuries of an at-home wine tasting. Nothing says the holidays like hot apple cider and mulled warm wine, so make sure to end your night of sophistication by raising a warm, inspirational toast to ring in the New Years’!  

8.) Jami

This holiday season, set the scene for a virtual festive gathering with the help of Jami, a universal communication platform that promises privacy, security, and the warmth of family and friends--even when you’re time zones apart. Get creative with fun murder mystery games, lipreading challenges, or even space-travel improv games for an exciting, festive, hilarious night of fun! 

9.) Berty

For those struggling to locate strong, secure internet access during this time of uncertainty, say no more, Berty’s got you! Utilize the power of Berty Technologies private, internetless, instant messaging app so that even without internet access, family gatherings and celebrations can still be one jolly good time. If you’re feeling adventurous, map out a route through your town's most festive neighborhoods, and take in the bulbs of green and red all the while staying connected with your distant loved ones 

10.) TallyLab

Harness the power of a simple to-do-list with TallyLab, so that you can sharpen up your holiday itinerary and budget all those Christmas wish lists and expenses. For a more immersive holiday experience, make the most of an empty Saturday afternoon by skipping the drinks and focusing on wellness and self-care instead. Gather your friends and family for an at-home yoga or group meditation session while capturing the symptoms and duration of your spell of introspection so that you can start off the new year with a renewed mind, body, and spirit.